Bowan Top Gives!

When I started Bowan Top it was a way for me to have creative fun while serving a need - witty and unique greeting cards that you won’t find at your local pharmacy! However, I recognize that what we really need right now is to be helping each other. In my personal life, I’m passionate about a variety of causes like systemic racism and inequality, women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights. So in an effort to combine my personal and professional passions I’m committing to donate 10% of all proceeds to a different charity quarterly!

Four charities a year will receive 10% of all purchases. The charity until February is The Chick Mission. After which, a different charity will be chosen for the next 3 months and so on and so on.

About The Chick Mission:

"We are a non-profit organization relentlessly focused on critical issues unique to cancer patients – including fertility challenges that may follow after surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and drug treatment.

Our mission is to ensure cancer patients have a fertility future by educating the community about preservation options and working directly with healthcare practices to provide monetary need-based grants to cover the cost of preservation."

Please visit their website here for more information.


Previous Charities:

The Advancement Project